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Music Photography

I have been working as a music photographer since 2001 and have been cooperating closely with many bands in the rock, metal and gothic genre but also open to any other music style as I love documenting the energy and the passion of music . I am also available for events, tour and studio documentations, band promo photos, musician portraits and instrument endorsement photos.

Live Photography

My motto has always been “in the eyes of music”, visualising the energy of a concert in a photo! I love catching the heat of the moment and I have been taking photos for many magazines, music labels and bands at over 1000 concerts overall.

Band photos

Do you want to show your band in a creative and special way? I am open to band photosessions creating special promotional photography that can be used to showcase your band in magazines, press releases, album booklets and more!

Musician Portraits

I love taking musician portraits that shows the artistic and creative spirit of a person. Portraits can transport a more intimate setting than complete band photos and are also ideal for experimenting. I am open to all creative approaches.

Tour, backstage, rehearsal and studio documentations
I can follow your band backstage, on tour, in the recording studio or during rehearsals to catch candid and unique shots for your fans.

Endorsement photos
I am also offering to take photos for your instrument endorsement and sponsors.

Wedding Photography

I am offering wedding photography services for all kind of weddings, specialising in same-sex weddings, alternative weddings and destination weddings.

Couple shots at selected location(s)

How does it work? We will talk beforehand about what your ideal background and location is, if you want a more classic photoshoot or something less traditional (or even both). Time: approximately 1 hour - flexible for more or less. I am also available for engagement or wedding couple shots only (separate from the ceremony)


You want to see all the excitement and preparations before the wedding in a photo? I can help you immortalise those moments and accompany you during the preparations: Putting on the make- up, getting into your beautiful wedding dress, the moments before the ceremony.

Family and Friends

Of course your family and friends are an important part of this special day and we can schedule a photoshoot where you are on a photo together with everyone close to your heart! We will discuss beforehand how many people you want to have on these photos and it is possible to schedule those right after the couple photos or if you feel more comfortable also after the ceremony.


The most important part of your day, the ceremony! I will follow you discreetly in the background catching the “yes” and the rings, the tears of joy, the laughs and the hugs.

Important events of the Wedding

Do you have special traditions you want to keep alive in a photo? I am here to follow your wedding schedule with the camera: Cutting the cake, the first dance and more!

Reception, party and entertainment

If you also want to have impressions of your wedding reception and party, I can stay to photograph the fun moments of your day.


Rates for wedding photography are usually set between 800 and 1.500 £ depending on requirements and time. I am open to discuss smaller budgets or a more extensive service.


Depending on property type and size the rate for Interior photography services are set between 150 and 300 £ per property.

Interior Photography

I am offering interior, holiday accommodation and real estate photography from small apartments and houses to big hotel chains. Having worked as photo editor and photographer for for many years I know what guests or clients would like to see and I know how to present your property from the best angle.


Hotel photos are essential to sell your rooms to guests and to show them the difference between the suite and the double room, display your facilities and to manage their expectations. I will present your rooms in the best light and make sure to also catch details and selling points, decoration, bathrooms, balconies, views and extra features.


Facilities are the extra that your guests can enjoy during their stay and it makes them more keen to book when they see your great restaurant, swimming pool, the modern reception or the spa area! It is also important to highlight if your hotel building is set at a great location or has an eye-catching architecture.

Food and Drinks

Special dishes in the restaurant, a great breakfast buffet or room service - your guests love to see it before they arrive! Think about the dishes that are your selling point, if you offer brunch, a special burger or a mouth watering buffet.

Apartments and Real Estate

If you want to rent or sell an apartment or a house, I can also help you with documenting all the beautiful sides of your property!

Pet Photography

I love animals and love to catch the soul of pets in a photo. I am available for indoor and outdoor photoshoots for dogs, cats, horses or other animal companions!

Your pet at home

I can visit you for a photoshoot in your pet’s home surroundings: indoors or in your garden. We will discuss beforehand if there are particular routines, play or details that you want to immortalise in a photo.

Your pet in nature

I can join you on a walk with your pet and accompany you in the background in a natural, outdoor setting. All your favourite locations are possible: the forest, field, beach or even in the city! And of course you can be in the pictures too if you wish!

Get to know your pet

It helps to achieve a more personal approach and create photos showing the true character of your pet if you give me a description of breed and (importantly) personality before the photoshoot. I will take a bit of time before the shoot begins to get to know your pet.

Pet only or with the family?

I can take photos of your pet only or photos that show your pet and the family. Both options are possible too in the same shoot - let’s discuss what you would like!


One session with the pet(s) and the family is between 100 and 300 £ depending on the amount of different locations and photos delivered. I am open to discuss smaller budgets or a more extensive service.

Travel Photography

I love catching the famous and the hidden places of a city and the glorious landscapes of a place! In my position as Photo Editor for I was responsible to chose consistent and engaging travel photography for many destinations and themes and even took photos for a few travel guides that were published online to inform guests about all the attractions and points of interest.

Travel Guides

Showcasing the most famous places of a city and also considering secret tips - Travel guides are a great way to show a complete view of a destination and I know where and how to catch the special moments and make the viewers feel like they are part of the journey!

Landscape Photography

Classic landscape photos showing the beauty of nature, offering a postcard style or a more dramatic perspective. Let me know what style you have envisioned!


Seasonal photos, travel experiences, blog photography: I am open to all projects featuring travel content for touristic or personal purposes.