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Eviga – Dornenreich
“Every single photo-session we had with Caro was both an artistically inspiring experience – and very, very funny … Caros exceptional talent is obvious. What I can add is that she is focused when concentration is needed and she is relaxed when that is essential to the session. So, whenever you aim for professional and unique photographs it’s a thoroughly wise decision to contact Caro.”

Giancarlo Erra - Nosound

"We met Caroline a few years ago during a Kscope gig, and the pictures she took were fantastic in capturing the dynamics, feelings and all different moods of our gig, like no one ever did before. So it was an easy decision to call her to work our new visual and promotional photo material for our new studio album, and it was a pleasure to work together in an artistic alchemy that created stunning images and ideas. She has a style that is unique and we're happy to join the great bands she works with!"

Hamish Glencross – My Dying Bride
“We are always pleased to see Caroline in the photo pit whenever we are playing live; her work is truly world class and manages to make even the roughest looking musician (e.g. me!) look good onstage! Our endorsement companies love her work too, as her attention to detail is immaculate! Caroline’s photos of us have been used in magazines, catalogues, webpages, etc. and long may it continue! Hail Caroline!”

Kay Brem – Eluveitie
“The special thing of Caroline is, you can see a picture somewhere and you know its one from her. She has this “special eye” for the perfect moment, and the weird thing is when I’m on stage and I think that must be a really bad show, afterwards you see the pictures she did and you feel like you had played the best show ever. Its everytime, on every place perfect to work with her together. Caroline is definitely my fav photographer for many years, and its a honour to have her as one of my best friends, of course, beside the stage. you rock!!!!”

Manuel Berger – Outrage
“When I saw the first photos of Caroline, it was clear to me that her way of taking pictures was something completely different to the rest of the genre she works in. She is an artist with the talent to see things with different eyes than others, and she is able to integrate that with minimal effort into her work. It’s always fun to work with her, and the result beats the expectations. I’m glad I can call her our photographer, and I’m looking forward to the following sessions!”

Michael Bohlin – Pain
“I have been touring a lot during the years with Pain, and made tons of festivals and other shows and events. Normally, when playing major shows or festivals, you always find shitloads of pictures on the internet from various photographers that have covered the specific event. After seeing thousands of pictures, you start to be blind after a while, and it takes something really special or different to catch ones attention. To stand out from the rest and reach out from the noise is probably not only the differentiation between amateurs and pros, it’s also the differentiation between average and originals. That’s how i found Caroline back in 2007 when i saw her stunning pictures. So, whenever you see this flaming redheaded chick with a big white lens and a squirrel friend; make sure you get the opportunity to see the result of her work. She is really something special.”

Mick Flynn – Primordial
“It didnt take long for me to realise Caroline’s photography is the best, theres no competition! I’ve seen her work over the last 9 years or so just get better and better. Just one look at her live work and photosessions will tell you, this is the work of someone who is a master of the camera, totally dedicated, passionate and incredibly talented at capturing the moment,the energy, the emotion, the light and darkness of a performance. A good friend, and a lot of fun to work with and party with!”

Mick Moss – Antimatter
”Upon realising that I had a definite release with the ‘Live@An Club’ CD, I had no option but to go straight to Caroline to ask permission to use her excellent live shots from that very gig for the album cover and innerbooklet. Very fine and professional work, as always.”

Rain Irving – While Heaven Wept
“Caroline is an amazing photographer with an un-canny ability to capture musical artists at” that perfect moment”. Her work is indicative of a photographer whom doesnt simply point and click at the subject, but more than that, understands the emotions of the performer, and captures those emotions better than any I have ever seen. Outside of her photograhical abilities, her skills in editing, processing, and accenting are second to none. To look at Carolines work is to see art in its finest form. The originality of her approach to photography is and should be heralded as the best in the industry. Lastly, and in my humble opinion, Caroline needs to be your first thought when it comes to your needing and ultimately selecting a photograhper!!! Caroline, thanks for making a dull singer such as myself actually look pretty cool on film!!! You are the best.”

Wolfgang Rothbauer – Thirdmoon & In Slumber
“It is a talent, to make photographs of drunken “human” musicians, during a concert, who afterwards look like a kind of „big stars”, although the stage is not stadion-like, but small and equiped with two different colors of lights….In fact, Caro knows both, her equipment and her feelings. Together, that makes the pictures emotional and shows high-level photography! The results of every single photo-session was every time really amazing, because she knows what a band wants to tell to the others! Caro is concentrated and relaxed at the same time, that is what makes her pictures especial and emotional…..”